Plumber in Royal Park

It is damn true! DCI Plumbing is the frontrunner in residential, commercial and industrial plumbing in Royal Park, across Adelaide and Australia-wide. Our strength lies in the dedication, experience and skills of our expert plumbers. Fully armed with industry knowledge and the latest equipment, we can meet all your plumbing needs.

Our plumbing pros assist customers in Royal Park (5014) and beyond, and can repair a leaking pipe or bathroom tap on the same day. This means we know your neighbourhood and everything about plumbing like the back of our hand. Besides, our engineers have attained the best accreditations and are extremely qualified, meaning you are in safe, professional hands.

Since we know the ins-and-outs and nuts-and-bolts of plumbing, we can help you out, whether you need power flushing or you need an expert to ensure your home receives sufficient water in a cost-effective manner. To ensure that your office’s plumbing is effective and well-maintained, choose our commercial experts. Our domestic experts can help you manage (or even lower) your water bills by installing the right kind of plumbing system or fixing your existing one.

Working in accordance with industry standards, we offer quality design, installation, testing and maintenance of plumbing systems. Homes, companies, schools and industries are our major beneficiaries. The best part is: You don’t need to look for a roofer to fix your leaking roof. In addition to fixing water supplies and sewage systems, DCI Plumbing in Royal Park, South Australia inspects and repairs leaky roofs.

From our office based in Royal Park, we have technicians working throughout Adelaide, helping private clients and prominent firms. From your initial enquiry, we can devise and install efficient systems and provide comprehensive maintenance on fixtures and appliances.

Our expertise in the domestic and business sector means we can help homeowners, HOAs, landlords, business owners, company managers, and so on. Water tank installation, gas fitting and breakdown services are our other Royal Park plumber specialists. Breakdown or emergency services are covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What else would you want to know about us and our services? For more info, just call us.


Call us today on 0409 097 095 or (08) 8248 6122 for more information about our professional plumbing and gasfitting services!