Plumber in Port Adelaide

Whether you are a homeowner with drainage or dampness problems or a contractor constructing a building, DCI Plumbing offers services that benefit you. We have industry experience, including expertise in inspecting and fixing all aspects of plumbing. Through inspections, we can spot and record leaks, blockages and other issues, then provide suitable and affordable solutions. Port Adelaide (5015) is one of our service locations.

Inspecting and testing ensure quality plumbing if you are a service provider, builder or property owner. We can identify mediocre work on your construction site, commercial building or residential home and recommend corrective actions before it is too late. Basically, we set the bar for our testing and inspection services. Doing so prevents defective plumbing and ensures compliance with regulations.

Comprehensive plumbing investigation is a great way to spot nagging problems – from basic water damage and roof leaks to catastrophic fire, flooding and explosion. Dripping roofs, leaking pipes, blockages and poor drainage, if not identified and fixed instantly and properly, can become a disaster and tricky business for both parties. Our extensive experience and technical expertise in locating and mending defects will ensure that you are comfortable, both at work and at home.

Our expert plumbers Port Adelaide will visit your place and investigate your roof, drains and pipes to pinpoint the root of your worries and provide a list of solutions. They also inspect plumbing fixtures. If the materials are substandard or defective, we will replace them with the best and most durable products in the industry.

There is no doubt about it. DCI Plumbing is the leader in plumbing in Port Adelaide and its environs. All work is done by specialist plumbers. Our technicians undergo extensive training to be courteous, energetic and proficient. The level of craftsmanship we offer is second to none. And each project is undertaken in a professional manner. What else would you anticipate other than that? If there is, we will certainly exceed your expectations.

At DCI Plumbing, we are committed, focused and determined to achieve the best results for our customers. We would be happy to have you as our next, long-term client. So contact us today for a Port Adelaide, SA plumber.

Call us today on 0409 097 095 or (08) 8248 6122 for more information about our professional plumbing and gasfitting services!