Plumber in Henley Beach

If you need plumbing services, you have come to the right place! DCI Plumbing has been providing professional assistance to business owners and homeowners in-and-around Henley Beach (5022). With dependable service, plus qualified and licensed technicians, we can help with every plumbing need, including repairs, installation and remodelling work. We’re focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Integrity, craftsmanship and dependability are at the heart of our operations. We provide plumbing repairs and services from dripping faucets and clogged drains to broken water heaters and leaking pipes. Likewise, we offer remodelling and installation work for kitchens and bathrooms and are proud to work with designers, realtors, contractors, property managers and other experts to complete a pleasing and appealing job.

Did you know that many suburbs in Adelaide rely on timeworn water delivery systems and technology? Ageing pipes can break or burst, leaching contaminants and breeding bacteria in the water they carry. These are potential sources of illness. If your water has a bad taste or smell, or there are stains in your sinks and showers, you need a Henley Beach plumber, like DCI Plumbing to put up a new water treatment system.

Our commercial and residential services are a great fit for leasing agents, housing associations, interior decorators, restoration companies, property owners, remodelling contractors, and many more. Our plumbing technicians Henley Beach can install anything from kitchen products like sinks and faucets to bathroom products including tubs, showers and toilets.

Don’t be left freezing in the shower if you are running out (or completely out) of hot water. It may be time to get another water heater or repair your existing one. We can fix your thermostat and valves. If you decide that you want a new heater, it’s no big deal. We can remove your present system and replace it with the latest and best brand available.

Everyone loves a good deal. We know that all too well and are willing to help. If you are in Henley Beach or around Adelaide and need plumbing services, just call on us. Our rates are affordable and our services are bespoke. Essentially, everything we offer is customized to suit your needs and budget. 


Call us today on 0409 097 095 or (08) 8248 6122 for more information about our professional plumbing and gasfitting services!