Blocked Drains

Adelaide’s best choice for blocked drains services

Nobody likes a blocked drain, and it won’t take you long to realise that’s what the problem is when your toilet stops flushing, or your sink refuses to clear. Blockages mean the water isn’t draining away properly and ultimately, that leaves you with an unpleasant smell and a bit of a mess.

Whether it’s waste water or dirty washing water, you’ll want to get it cleared away as soon as possible before things really begin to build up. Indeed, the more compacted the blockage becomes in your drains, the less room there is for water to drain away, so it can end up flooding your home, garden, or business premises.

Not only does this look and smell unpleasant, it’s also a potential health hazard, so getting in a professional plumber is crucial.

With DCI Plumbing & Gas Pty Ltd, you can trust our team to work efficiently to unblock your drains and, if you get us out to do regular servicing, then your drains shouldn’t become blocked at all.

No matter what’s caused the blockage, we’ll clear your drains and have them in full working order before you know it – and all for a great value price. Whether you’ve dropped a ring down the plug hole or have more serious issues, our friendly plumbers have the skills and professional expertise to help.

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